Make you a priority.

Refresh, revitalise and reboot your mindset.

Career got you in a tail-spin?

Relationship sourer than milk that’s been left on the bench for three days?

Press the emergency stop button and step off the carousel of 24/7 everyday life. Take the time for you and gift yourself The KAN PLAN for women just like you, presented by women just like me (that in itself is golden!).


Reset the balance

Women go through several major transitions during a lifetime. These can be empowering or fulfilling. They can also be devastating, debilitating, or just plain scary.

The KAN plan is a wonderful way to refresh and revive your body and mind, and reflect on your past and future journeys. Whatever your story, you will gain the clarity and confidence to navigate changes and transitions with a fresh, new perspective.

Give yourself permission to press the reset button and reboot your mindset! Your teenage you will thank you for it. You owe it to her.

Day retreat or online? It’s your choice!

The KAN Plan foundation course is delivered via an intimate day retreat or a five weekly online programme with weekly Zoom sessions.

Regardless of how you choose to experience it, the KAN Plan will give you…

Amazing clarity on what matters most to you and how to create it.

An understanding of how to hack your habits, using the latest science so that you can keep those promises to yourself.

The simple, but powerful tools of mindfulness to support your journey.

Support to make values based decisions that are right for you

Connection with other women on your wavelength.




*Group sizes are kept small to ensure you get the support you need. By small we mean maximums of 8 for day retreats and 12 for the five-week online version.

**The KAN Plan is open to women or those who identify as women, 16 years or older.




Your investment

KAN Plan, Day Retreat: $149 NZD including GST

5 Week KAN Plan Online: $99 NZD including GST

COVID Discounts

It’s been a rough year, and budgets are tight (especially for women). Hence we have discounts EXTENDED TO 31 JAN 21!

For Day retreats – Enter the code SAVE50 at check out to get the full day for just $99

For online programs enter the code SAVE30 at the checkout on Eventbrite and get the full five-week course for $69

Rather work with Dr Rach one-on-one? No problem.


Image of quote to invest in yourself.  make yourself a priority



“Rachel is a highly energised and perceptive individual who gets a quick steer of the systems at play. She is great fun and keeps things positive. She is a marvellous facilitator, mentor and advisor” 

Chris Parker, Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering, Atkins