The Kick-Arse-Now (KAN) Plan

Make you a priority with the KAN PLAN! That is Kick Arse Now

Refresh, revitalise and reboot your mindset.

Career got you in a tail-spin?

Relationship sourer than milk that’s been left on the bench for three days?

Press the emergency stop button and step off the carousel of 24/7 everyday life. Take the time for you and gift yourself The KAN PLAN for women just like you, presented by women just like me (that in itself is golden!)..

Do your future self a huge favour and do this program. In complete honesty I went in with a ‘yeah yeah – here we go, another self-help blah blah’ attitude and I seriously laugh at myself now considering how much I have learned. I have gained perspective, clarity and freedom. Dr Rachel… thank you! What you do in 5 weeks is just amazing!


Reset the balance

Women go through several major transitions during a lifetime. These can be empowering or fulfilling. They can also be devastating, debilitating, or just plain scary.

The KAN plan is a wonderful way to refresh and revive your body and mind, and reflect on your past and future journeys. Whatever your story, you will gain the clarity and confidence to navigate changes and transitions with a fresh, new perspective.

Give yourself permission to press the reset button and reboot your mindset! Your teenage you will thank you for it. You owe it to her.

“Rachel is warm, genuine, inspiring and energetic (I’ll have what she’s having!!) She created a calm and safe space for us to explore our core values, habit hacking and more. Rachel speaks with heart and passion on topics that she cares deeply about. Her knowledge, expertise and life experiences are evident, and this shows in her work. 100% recommend.”


You will get:

Amazing clarity on what matters most to you and how to create it.

An understanding of how to hack your habits, using the latest science so that you can keep those promises to yourself.

The simple, but powerful tools of mindfulness to support your journey.

Support to make values based decisions that are right for you

Connection with other women on your wavelength.


Choose the KAN PLAN delivery that is right for you

Weekly webinars

All the tools and resources direct to your inbox

Fortnightly live interactive Zoom learning and small group coaching sessions

Alternative weeks will be webinars and activities.

All tools and resources direct to your in box

Chance to meet and interact with other women as groups are kept small

Questions and Queries Answered

10 personalised coaching sessions with Dr Rachel. (in the comfort of your own home via zoom or in the Coaching Cave in Auckland’s North Shore)

Sessions either weekly or fortnightly – it’s your program – it’s your choice.

All the tools and resources direct to your inbox.

“Dr Rach blends her knowledge & experience in a variety of disciplines together to make a program that is practical, digestible and addictive! Her inquisitive and caring nature results in you feeling like every lesson is about you, even when you’re on a journey alongside others.

It is always a safe environment to share ideas, feelings, even fears. In fact, the more I understood myself, the more I wanted to share the “not so rosy” things because I never felt alone or ashamed but enlightened & wanting to probe more.

The KAN Plan program for me was the “me time” and “girlfriend time” all in one with the added benefit of being held accountable for my own development. The tools I have taken away I re-use often & the only downside for me is that the program comes to an end!”




**The KAN Plan is open to women or those who identify as women, 16 years or older.

Q n A

Q. How is the self-paced KAN PLAN Delivered?

You will receive weekly videos to your email inbox, covering all the course content that you can play, pause, rewind at your own pace.

You will also receive pdf versions of all the materials and instructions you need to do all the activities in your own time

Plus you can use the FB group where you can post any content-related questions or insights.

Q. How does the live & interactive KAN PLAN work?

Small groups of women will meet weekly via zoom conferencing with Dr Rachel.  Dr Rachel will briefly present each new principle and discuss your thoughts, learnings and concerns with you in group coaching sessions.  Grads of this program appreciate the relationships they build and the support they get from the other woman in the programmes.

Because life happens and should you need to skip a session, you will receive a recording of the content to catch up before the next one.

All materials will be sent to your inbox in multiple formats following group coaching sessions.

Dr Rachel will be available by email to answer any queries or concerns you have along the way.

Q. How does the one-on-one KAN PLAN work?

You will get five, one-hour long coaching sessions, in private and confidence with Dr Rachel.  These are via Zoom, or in person at the Coaching Cave in Auckland’s Beach Haven. 

You decide if you would like to pace your programme weekly or fortnightly – it is whatever suits you better.

All materials will be sent to your inbox in multiple formats following the sessions.

Dr Rachel will be available by email to answer any queries or concerns you have along the way.

I recommend one-on-one for those who face complex changes or decisions as well as those who simply prefer to work one-on-one. 

Q. What if I don’t like it?

No problem, let me know within 48 hours after your webinar or coaching session and you can leave the course and get your money refunded. I’ll even cover the Eventbrite booking fees for you!

Q. What happens if my issues are more serious than you expect?

You will not be the first.  Coaching is different to therapy and it is not uncommon for me to refer clients to a registered health professional such as a clinical psychologist for more targeted treatment e.g. depression, anxiety, addiction. Supporting clients to overcome the worries about stigma and kick start this process is often the best thing I do for them. It is not unusual to see them back in coaching in the future.


Image of Dr Rachel sitting on the stairs


“Rachel is a highly energised and perceptive individual who gets a quick steer of the systems at play. She is great fun and keeps things positive. She is a marvellous facilitator, mentor and advisor” 

Chris Parker, Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering, Atkins
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