Kick Arse Now with The KAN PLAN!

Super Affordable Personal Development Online

Are you struggling to keep promises to yourself?

Not loving your job or current lifestyle?

Stuck on where to go next?

Sick of being told to simply Manifest your dreams?

You are not alone, the KAN Plan, my online personal development course, might be just the thing for you.


Do your future self a huge favour and do this program. In complete honesty I went in with a ‘yeah yeah – here we go, another self-help blah blah’ attitude and I seriously laugh at myself now considering how much I have learned. I have gained perspective, clarity and freedom. Dr Rachel… thank you! What you do in 5 weeks is just amazing!


What on earth is The KAN PLAN, I hear you ask?

I’m glad you asked. The KAN PLAN is an evidence-based online personal development course, it’s self paced, so you can access it when and how you please. The KAN is delivered via short and interesting (if I do say so myself) videos, activities and worksheets. In the KAN you will learn and practice science based hacks on habits, mindset, meaning and purpose and goals that actually work.


absolute clarity on what matters most and the evidence based habit + mindset hacks to get it.

Are you Ready to Kick Arse Now?

You will get:

  • Amazing clarity on what matters most to you and how to create it.
  • An understanding of how to use the latest science to hack your habits, mindset and goals.
  • The simple, but powerful tools of mindfulness to support your journey.
  • Support to make values based decisions that are right for you
  • An appreciation for why and how life is difficult and how little of that is your fault.
  • Skills to manage your inner critic.

How the KAN was created.

The KAN PLAN took me around 25 years to build. I drew on my experience as a coach, organisational change consultant, PhD student studying wellbeing and the vagus nerve (in my 40s eek), as well as training as a mindfulness teacher and hypnotherapist. I also drew on my own experience living with multiple mental and physical illnesses.

“Rachel is warm, genuine, inspiring and energetic (I’ll have what she’s having!!) She created a calm and safe space for us to explore our core values, habit hacking and more. Rachel speaks with heart and passion on topics that she cares deeply about. Her knowledge, expertise and life experiences are evident, and this shows in her work. 100% recommend.”

Lorna, KAN Grad

I spend much of my working and spare time trying to understand how people work, why life is so challenging and how to get the best out of it, for me and my clients. During the lockdowns of peak COVID, I tinkered in my she shed (a garden shed I turned into my office with some power tools and my super cool mum). I hand picked what I used most with clients and myself. I simplified and streamlined, and banged and crashed and boom. The KAN PLAN was born, affordable evidence-based personal development right to your device!

I finished the KAN PLAN and I am still equally as amazed as I was when I first started. It’s amazing. It’s so easy to understand and you give awesome, practical techniques and worksheets throughout the whole thing. The guided meditations are always a plus too. I love how they can be followed in day-to-day life. I love it! I genuinely have nothing to say about any ways to improve. Thank you so much.

Ella, KAN Grad

Choose the KAN PLAN delivery that is right for you

You can work through the self-paced online version yourself, starting right now. You can also take it to the next level and choose the intensive one-on-one program to turbo charge your progress, go deeper and be held accountable, get in touch if that sounds like a bit of you.

Image with background photo and bubble saying - self paced interactive KAN PLAN 199 (Personal Development Course)
Blurry image of Dr Rachel smiling with a bubble in front with the words 'intensive 1-on-1 Kan Plan' $1800

Self paced and interactive personal development course. Work in the comfort of your own home at your own pace to hack your habits, values, mindset and goals.

I have packed 25 years into this, honestly you are getting a bargain (I will probably soon be listening to all the advice to triple it). Get started right now.

This intensive 3 month program includes All the content of the self paced KAN, plus SIX one-on-one coaching sessions with me Dr Rachel.

Get in touch to organise directly.

“Dr Rach blends her knowledge & experience in a variety of disciplines together to make a program that is practical, digestible and addictive! Her inquisitive and caring nature results in you feeling like every lesson is about you, even when you’re on a journey alongside others.

Michelle, KAN Grad



Not ready for the full KAN PLAN but would love the values clarity part? Great news you can buy the ebooks on the values process on Amazon.

Image of ebook 'Your Values Workbook' by Dr Rachel for those not ready for the personal development courses

“Rachel is a highly energised and perceptive individual who gets a quick steer of the systems at play. She is great fun and keeps things positive. She is a marvellous facilitator, mentor and advisor” 

Chris Parker, Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering, Atkins
Dr Rachel Smiling and looking at the camera sitting on the stairs. She build the personal development course


Q n A with Dr Rachel

Are you a life coach?

I call myself The Evidence-Based Coach, and that is in part because my craft could be called any number of things including life coaching. Your could also call it Personal Development Coaching. I also do Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, and Executive Coaching. I don’t really mind what you call it. The truth is the content is very similar or rather each one is unique regardless of what banner someone comes to me under.

Coachees come to me with a wide range of challenges. Maybe they want more clarity, are facing a major decision, what to raise the bar on communication, learn to delegate, manage stress. Sure the former ones are a little more life-coachy and the others a bit more in the leadership/exec space. However the lines usually blur. I might start in leadership coaching client and soon we realise that real issue is they actually would rather leave corporate life and start a pizza shop (real example). Often the main difference is simply who is paying the individual (life coaching) the employer (the other stuff). But even that is not always true.

If I think the KAN is rubbish, can I get my money back?

If, after starting the KAN Plan you find that it’s not for you, or that now is not quite the right time for you to be embarking on this journey, simply let me know within 48 hours after your first webinar or coaching session and you can leave the course with a full refund. I’ll even cover any booking fees!

I am depressed is the KAN right for me?

If you’re worried that your issues are too serious for the KAN Plan, you will not be the first. Coaching is different to therapy and it is not uncommon for me to refer clients to a registered health professional such as a clinical psychologist for more targeted treatment, for example, for depression, anxiety or addiction. A full refund will be provided in this case also. Meanwhile if you have not already, I strongly advise you to reach out and get support. Here are some resources to get you started.

Often the best thing I can do for clients is to support them to overcome the worries about stigma and kick-start this process. It’s not unusual to see them back in coaching in the future.

How is the KAN any different to all the other Personal Development Courses?

The KAN brings together science, a fun interactive platform and the freedom and flexibility to do it your own way. It doesn’t promise you instant success or total freedom from difficult thoughts and feelings. The KAN is real, and pragmatic, it helps you understand why life can be tough and gives you skills to help. It works with what matters to you, not to anyone else. It’s also dam affordable, given it took me 25 years to build. Did I mention all the pressure I am getting to lift the prices?

Quote from Warren Buffet about investing in yourself with image of piggy bank.