Meet Dr Rachel

Kia Ora,

I am Rachel aka The Wellbeing@Work Dr.

Here is a little about me.  Work-wise first – my career has been varied and challenging – I have 20 years’ management consulting and executive coaching experience.  I have led projects in project management, organisational development, change management, learning & development, project management, corporate social responsibility, employee wellbeing, quantitative research, diversity, IT, and generalist HR.  This work was with large corporates, government organizations, SMEs and not for profit organizations in the UK, Australia, and NZ.

I spent the majority of the first half of my forties doing a PhD in wellbeing and work performance on scholarship and the University of Western Australia.  I also have a masters of management in technology, a bachelor of science (in environmental science and biology), and a diploma of advanced hypnotherapy.

My PhD explored the influence of the vagus nerve on worker performance and considered positive emotions, social support, cognitive performance and the influence of exercise and mindfulness meditation.

The above ‘work me’ is a small part of my story.  I live with endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, painful bladder syndrome, central sensitisation, one (or maybe two) heart arrhythmias, gastritis, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) and generalised anxiety disorder (wouldn’t you?).

Before you worry about me being able to get out of bed to deliver any work, my day-to-day symptoms are manageable 99% of the time (plus I delivered some of that work above at times they really were not).  My PhD gifted me many things, in the content and amazing people I worked with.  However, the main gift to me was access to and understanding of scientific research articles in medicine.  This, in turn, gave me the ability to track down treatments that most GPs had not heard of and get a chance to try them, the results were life-changing.

I am also a single parent of an almost teen, who seems to have inherited my poor health track record.  So far my research skills are coming up short on this challenge. Or perhaps it is my influencing skills in getting her to try some of the holistic treatments that are shown to ease symptoms of chronic illness (exercise, yoga, meditation etc).

Because it’s not all serious stuff -> A few interesting things about me include:

  • Living in a cave in the south of Spain (Granada)
  • Purchasing my first home in London in my 20s
  • Breaking a rib in a scrum while playing rugby union at university
  • Jumping out of a moving vehicle (as it headed towards a river)

I am also passionate about the rise of pseudoscience and war-on-science.  We live in a world where anyone can conceivably get their messages to the eyes, ears, and homes of almost anyone on the planet – regardless of how insane or even downright dangerous it is.  It becomes very difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff (or should we go with curds and whey given carbs are the new devil in town, or are they?).

In my role as a wellbeing coach and consultant, I help my clients sort through some of these challenges.  Help them understand good scientific methods and how to inoculate themselves from snake oil (which is not as easy as one might think, I know pre PhD I was investing time and money in my own share of snake oil).

I am also the go-to person for private Facebook messages from friends and family saying “I read this online it freaked me out, is it true? Do you think?”.

My partner in crime / right-hand woman is my mother.   We work under the banner of McInnes Associates, you can find out about us and what we do here.    

Last, but not least – I offer all potential clients a 30-minute chemistry session (not to talk about chemistry but to see if we could work together).  You can book a session here.