Leadership Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed with multiple priorities and a to-do list longer than your arm?

Concerned about managing conflict and giving feedback all while motivating the team?

Struggling to create good time management habits?

Not sure when to ‘do’ and when to delegate (not to mention how)?

Stressed and not entirely sure you have enough in the tank to keep pushing on? You are not alone and evidence-based leadership coaching will help!

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I have worked with professionals on these and many more issues for over two decades. Many of the skills that make us good leaders, are not the skills we are taught when learning our craft (e.g. accounting, design or quantity surveying). It is no wonder that we find it easier to name shocking or average leaders we have had than those that shone.

58% of employees trust strangers more than their own boss.

Harvard Business Review

Is Good Leadership Nature or Nurture?

Sure there are more and less natural leadership tendencies, but this is so with many things in life. Regardless of where you sit on the leadership journey, you can always get better with active work and attention. I know, I’ve seen it over and over again for 25 years.

Rachel has helped me with Organisational development, Leadership training and development of company values. She is high energy, creative, trustworthy and can operate at all levels of organisations. A great coach. She really makes a difference!

Adrian Stockhill. Wellington Water

Want To Up Your Leadership Game?

Leadership is challenging and it doesn’t come naturally to most of us. To add insult to injury, ‘followers’ tend to hold us to very high standards. It is not surprising that I often see leaders feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or like an imposter.

Leadership is seldom taught, and even more seldom taught well. When leaders fail to magically transform into natural leaders after receiving the title (and if they are lucky a two-day course) the consequences can be dire for them and their team.

Rachel has provided White Associates with coaching for our senior leadership team, I wanted someone to grow this team into industry leaders and as part of my succession plan for the business. Rachel is highly effective, understood what I wanted to achieve and delivered outstanding results. The growth in my senior management team has been amazing and much of this is due to Rachel’s influence. I cannot recommend Rachel highly enough and I can assure you that engaging Rachel will be a great decision for you or your company

Graham White, Founding Director White Associates (Cost Consultants)

Leaders Needs Are Varied and Complex

I can’t begin to remember all the challenges I have stood alongside leaders on over twenty plus years, here are some that reappear and hence stay in my memory:

  • Balancing multiple life roles e.g. leader, team member, father/mother, partner, friend, carer, community person
  • Stress and guilt, twinned with, yep more stress and guilt
  • Dealing with those horrible working relationships that sap the joy from the job (and sometimes even your home life)
  • Perfectionist leaders with a tendency to micromanage, and difficulty stepping back from this
  • Managing tendencies for negativity and irritability in the office (and home)
  • Feeling stuck or trapped in a role or complex situation unable to move forward

“Rachel has provided high level mentoring and coaching for myself in my management role for many years. I have always found Rachel knowledgeable, trustworthy and very focused on results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel in all forms of coaching or mentoring for personal, leadership and organisational development.”

Martin Adams, General Manager, Geocivil

1-on-1 Evidence-Based Leadership Coaching

Each leader is different, hence I don’t have a one-size-fits all approach for leadership coaching. Each engagement is customised to the leader based on what their unique needs are. Although the content differs wildly, one-on-one coaching does have a consistent rhythm that looks a bit like this:

  • We begin with getting clear on what you want to achieve. Sometimes this involves a manager and/or HR
  • We discuss and agree a package or process that works for you.
  • After every session you will have exercises and activities to try in your real life
  • At the end we review what you have achieved and what you need to put in place to continue your growth
  • We report back to your manager/HR if relevant.

[Rachel] coached me through the first year of this role and is skilled in linking business growth and direction with personal growth and direction. Her skills in helping our organisation set its direction for the future as a group and individuals were fantastic. She has multiple ways to help coach people and is adaptable to the individuals style and I would be happy to have Rachel back coaching me.

Brendan Adams, Operations Manager IPL

To know if working with me might be right for you or one of your team it is easier to get in touch. I offer an obligation and hard-sell-free 30 minute coaching session. You can even throw it right in my diary! One thing to tick of your task list under 30 seconds. Speaking of hard sell, if you are putting a call into my diary to sell me something – to quote my mother, ‘there will be trouble and you will be right in it’.


Rachel has a talent for coaching, she helped me individually coaching me through personal development areas for my role. I have also observed her coaching others with great results.

Krystal Riley. NorthTec

Rachel is an extremely professional and likeable person who is passionate about her work and the people she coaches. I have personally had Rachel as a coach and she has coached my staff, all agree that the experience has been life changing.

Steve Fraser. MD KRP Thaliand