Manifesting is a load of Rubbish

Manifesting is a load of old tennis shoes. i.e. total rubbish (in my late grandmother’s speak). 

If it was harmless, I wouldn’t enter the debate. 

Thing is – I don’t believe it is harmless.

When someone is really struggling and good evidence-based support/counseling is not readily available (which it is often not, especially here in NZ), manifesting is often there to dangerously fill the gap.

Let’s imagine Amy. Amy is 19 and struggling with her mental and physical health, she is on a very long waiting list to maybe get help.

But for now, things are rough, and as a Gen Zer, she is on social media a lot. Amy’s feed is full of advice to just “manifest” and all will be well.

Remember Amy is not well. Amy does not have the support she needs and no-one in her close circle understands her grief. So she tries this manifesting as nothing else is there. Of course, it doesn’t work, because you see – it doesn’t work. So now Amy is still in a dark place, still a long way from decent help and now feeling like a manifesting failure.

Next minute her feed is telling her she is just not manifesting correctly and if she signs up for their (eye-wateringly expensive) course she will FINALLY learn THE secret.

Ps – If you love to manifest in your own time, this is harmless, and may make you happy. Fine. But please don’t mistake that for any sort of solution and don’t push (or worse sell) it to others as the holy grail. You may be pushing them over the edge.

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