The problem with science is, not enough sex!

Fact: At the time of writing Katy Perry has 74.2 million Instagram followers, NASA has 37.6 million.

Science is just not sexy enough!

Sex sells.

Science, not so much.

The problem with science is, the baby & its bathwater

A terrorist or 10 identifies with Islam and Muslims worldwide are bullied, persecuted and generally hated upon.  A scientist or 10 mucks up, lies, or takes a bribe and scientists everywhere are persecuted.  But there is more  – the communities ideas get thrown on the scrap heap.

The problem with science is, arrogance

Do you expect your plumber to know more about plumbing than you?  Do you call them arrogant when they make it uber clear they do, in fact, know more about plumbing than you?  So why are scientists so often considered arrogant?

Perhaps plumbers are sexier and have better PR. Probably.

The problem with science is, it’s a fat Greek

Have you tried reading an academic journal article recently?  They are horrors in the readability stakes and that’s on a good day.  Sometimes it’s even all Greek to me and I am a scientist.

Combine this with the issue that non-academic readers are expected to pay for many articles (this at least is slowly changing).

Given there are around 2.5 million academic articles published each year – is it any wonder science is struggling to remain relevant, or to get its important messages across?

The problem with Science is, Nazi-Poop

Once I was ‘arrogant’ enough to make some scientific claims in an online health forum.  I was foolish enough to argue that constipation was not likely to be linked to vaccinations.  The response? Well, it seems somehow to be the fault of some Nazi scientists.

The only silver lining is now if I am stuck waiting on the toilet, I can just shrug and say “those damn Nazis, at it again!”. Plus I have a great new saying when I suspect pseudoscience; “smell’s like Nazi-Poop to me”!

How can one use reason as their tool of trade in a discussion where logic and reason is not one of the rules?  How can science defend itself with scientific logic, without logic?

The problem with science is, pseudo-science

According to Webster pseudoscience is “a system of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific”.  Just for completeness erroneous is “containing or characterized by error: mistaken”.   Pseudoscience is the guy (or the Gwenyth Paltrow) in the middle damaging science from more angles than we have time to discuss.

The problem with science is, humans

Human beings are flawed.  We are not objective. We are often illogical.  Yet we constantly claim that we are both.  Then, of course, there is the downright scoundrels, liars and thieves on both sides of the fence.  How can any of us find our way?

The problem with science is, time is running out

Terrifying Fact 1: A University of Sydney study found that just “16 out of 133 children hospitalised in New South Wales between 2007 and 2010 due to complications arising from chickenpox infection had been vaccinated” resulting in underlining concerns that areas of low vaccination rates leave communities vulnerable to outbreaks of serious diseases (aka death and stuff).

Terrifying Fact 2: “The Arctic region may have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040”.

Please help us help you – save a scientist today!

Please for your own sake and the sake of your great-grandchildren, take in a scientist near you.  Befriend them.  Teach them what to wear, how to talk in small sensible understandable words, and most importantly how to get followers on Instagram.

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