The Journey Begins!

My chosen template for my website offered me this blog title as a starter to ten.  I thought why not?

This having a website that is the launch of “brand-me” is new and not altogether comfortable.  I have resisted this move as it feels a little bit ‘look-at-me, look-at-me’, oh-by-the-way that’s doctor to you.

You see, despite appearing talkative, social and confident – I am not someone that wants to be looked, either online or in real life.  I remember a friend not wanting a wedding as she did not want to be looked at.  I thought it odd at the time as I was more than happy to be looked at twenty years ago.  Aging has paradoxically left me with less desire to be looked at but more comfortable in who I am.

However here I am setting up a website that is allaboutme dot com.  So perhaps I will explain myself, to both of us.  I want to continue to do the work I love (helping people and organizations be their best) and I realize it is only fair to let potential clients get to know me a little – especially given how much my work allows me into the lives of others.

Also, I realized that I prefer to work with someone who I can get a glimpse of the real them.  In choosing my own marketing coach, I chose the women I could check out via her online profile and stories.  Working with her for a few months now, her real-life persona is surprisingly similar to her online one.  So here I am following in her footsteps.  My role as a coach often involves people moving out of the comfort zone, so again it is only fair that I am pushed out of mine in the process.

So here we both are.  Thank you for joining me.  I look forward (a little nervously) to seeing where we both go on this journey.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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