Wellbeing: The Catch is You!

The problem with most home or work-based wellbeing programs is people. Yep. People. People get in the way of themselves.  Time and time again.  Oh and again.

This brings us to another topic I follow i.e. habit change.  Mastering your habits is fundamental in maintaining your wellbeing.

Even threat of death might not work

Guess how many people are not taking the medications that will very likely save their life, six months after a heart attack?  Fifty percent.  Yes.  You read that right.  One in two people do swallow the pills that will (probably) save their lives.

Just imagine what the statistics are for difficult wellbeing habits e.g. exercising and eating right.


What to do? What to do?

You can start with my 8 tips to get control of your habits.

But wait there is more, consider also:

  • Riding the wave: of enthusiasm that is.  Starting with a big bang and lots of activity might just help push you through your first slump.
  • Pick a good day to start.  Pick a fresh start day, the start of the week, a birthday, the beginning of a month.

More science is coming!

I am excited to say that 50 scientists have teamed up with a gym to offer free programs and collect data to learn more about the science of habits.  I am sorry to say it’s in America.  If you are reading from there check it out.   If not, one of the related links had this tool that worked for me in New Zealand.  Apparently, I am starting exercising tomorrow.

What next? What more?

With my passion for wellbeing at work – the question on my mind now is: how well are wellbeing programs building in serious support for habit change?

Links, References and all that Jazz






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