Pure. By Rose Bretécher. Unbound. 2015.

I seem to be falling into a bit of a genre rut with the books I am reading and discussing with you. Rut being woman with mental illness writes stunning book about her actual life.
I wonder why?
Yes envy, I envy these women, here’s me with my wee blog and here are they touching thousands or millions, making a real difference to understanding, to stigma, to us other woman (and men, and teens) living with mental illness.

So you know I’m gonna wax lyrical about this one. So just stop now and go read it.

If you are in Auckland you can request it from our fabulous library system (just as soon as I return it).
Still here?

So …. Let me tell you about Rose Bretécher ….. she is dazzling ….. I love her.

Rose’s bravery goes perhaps even deeper than my other heroes.  Rose has a type of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

However, it is not any flavour of OCD it is one CHOCK FULL of vivid sexual images, from mass orgies in the streets of London’s to Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘vagina face’ when she was in extra in a video of his.

Like my other heroines, Rose kept her dreadful secret, from family, friends, work colleagues and even her fella for the longest time.  Like the others, in this, my new favourite genre – Pure reads like a novel. You get lost, you get invested, you want the heroine to win the day.

The other neat thing about her book is it was crowd-funded of sorts. Something that seems very new, but did you know several hundred years ago, for books it was kinda normal?  Rose taught me that, among other things.

The book has been so successful that I see a tv series is to follow.

I can’t wait! Rose Bretecher is so dam gorgeous I am dying to know who will play her, because I can’t think of a celebrity that would not be a pale comparison.

I realise I haven’t told you much about this book – but you know I’m not fussy.  No spoilers here.  So read it and tell me what you think.

Plus I get to check out finally if short posts do get more traffic 🙂

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