The Evidence Based Coach


Want to change direction but you don’t know how?

Sick of making and breaking promises to yourself?

Lost your mojo or not sure you ever found it?

Feeling out of your depth at work?

Tried to ‘manifest’ and it failed?

Harshly blaming yourself for all of the above?


I can help you make the next step or leap.

I’ll help you get where you want to go, in your life and career, with proven tools and techniques.

My toolbox is full of sciency things, practical things (like number 8 wire) and oodles of experience. I have been there, done that and designed the T-shirt.

We won’t be discussing your star signs or chakras (other than for fun). I certainly will not be telling you, you just need to TRY harder to BE more positive. I will never say that you need to simply ATTRACT all your dreams to you with your super sexy mind (although I am sure it is lovely).

You don’t need to batter yourself with failures that are not even in your control! Life is hard enough without you being responsible for what the universe is or isn’t magically manifesting for you!


Rachel is a professional, with empathy and kindness in bucket loads, but will also tell it like it is. She is one of the most well-educated people I know, and well-travelled too, and has lived a life worth listening to! Her values-based coaching is spot-on and hugely worthwhile; I highly recommend you work with Dr Rachel if you can. You won’t regret it!

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Three simple steps for your personalised journey

Dr Rachel McInnes

Let’s talk about you on one of my infamous chemistry sessions (don’t panic, it’s nothing like dreaded chemistry at school!) Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Retreats NZ or Personal Growth Online by Dr Rachel McInnes

Kick A** with the KAN PLAN or get support with your career? 1-on-1 or small group coaching? Together we will decide the right path for you!

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Ok in truth, you will need to do some hard work, there are no instant-success-now potions. Although, with hard work comes huge reward and you will not be sorry. I promise.





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Hi I’m Rachel.

I’m the evidence-based coach for women.

“My experience with Rachel’s work around values-based coaching has been exceptional. Highly recommended” 

Bronwyn, Social Entrepreneur

I take a values grounded approach.

Values can be described as ‘the things that sustain you, when all else falls away’. Pretty powerful, don’t you think? The moment you define exactly what your values are, you start a powerful shift in the trajectory of your life.

When your values are clearly defined, you can create a more aligned life.

And when values and life align, magic happens. Not any woo-woo kinda magic, but the magic of learning step by step to live your life, in your way, on your terms. A life of meaning and purpose.

But how to get to this Elysian Fields of life?

Let me guide you.

I have helped many before you to live a values-aligned life. They were just like you. Professional. Intelligent. Frustrated with themselves but not knowing why, or what to do about it. Disillusioned with the life they have created but feeling they can’t change. In some cases, desperate.

We’re in this together and we will get through this together. And we can even have some fun along the way!


Q and A

Q What are these evidence-based coaching tools you speak of?

“Denoting an approach that emphasizes the practical application of the findings of the best available current research”.

Uncle Google

In this case I like what Uncle Google has to say, even though like the drunk uncle at Christmas he can be unreliable and sometimes embarrassing.

Coaching is an unregulated industry, it is up to each coach to ensure they are using quality tools. As someone who did and interdisciplinary PhD for fun, I take this responsibility very seriously. Hence I look to the worlds best research, and add tools that I have seen work with my own eyes. Sometimes where there are no tools for a certain job, you and I work together to create a solution. A solution we then observe closely to see if it works and throw it out if it doesn’t.

I am all about the science, but I know, science doesn’t know everything. Btw so as does science, or it would have quit 😉 My philosophy means I stay away from tools that have been shown to not work, or worse be dangerous. It also means as this is a moving beast, that I work to stay across as much as I can.

Q. Do you do career or leadership coaching too?

I sure do! I have been coaching since the late 90s. My coaching has been under many different labels including, executive coach, leadership coach, project management coach, life coach, life-transition coach and even transformation coach.

Although there are subtle differences they are less than you think e.g. for career or leadership coaching it is more likely that the coachees employer will be getting the bill. However at its core I meet women where they are in their life and their work and help them move to where they want to be.

Q. What does evidence-based coaching cost?

The KAN PLAN, is delivered in three different ways with costs ranging from $49 to $999 (that is NZD). More info is on the KAN PLAN page. This tiered affordability was specifically designed with the understanding (and data) that many women’s personal spend-on-myself budget is tighter than her jeans were in the 90s.

Career and leadership coaching costs are quoted based on the number of coachees and a range of other factors such as which content or modules are required, get in touch for more.

Q. Do you work with individuals or businesses?

Yes, all of the above!

I work one-on-one and in small groups, both directly with women or via businesses. Many of the same principles are used, the delivery differs a little.

I’ll tell you a secret … the best way to improve leadership is through personal development so much of the tools are similar. Sure there is additional content in the leadership coaching for example giving and receiving feedback. However the values, habit hacking and psychology 101 ideas are common to both the KAN PLAN and my corporate work. There are more similarities than differences. The results speak for themselves in both cases.

Q. Do you work outside New Zealand?

Although I am based in Auckland, via Zoom I do work wherever my clients need me.

Q. Is it really only women you coach?

No, whether you are male, female, or other you are welcome to get in touch to talk about one-on-one or small group coaching. As my background is leadership coaching, often in tech sectors, historically I have coached more men. I am passionate about gender equity and all the good stuff that will change the world, hence at this point in my business, I work MORE with women than men.

However, sorry the KAN PLAN programs are only for those identifying as women.




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