Are you sick of making and breaking promises to yourself?

Are you feeling stuck, stressed or bored at work? 

Are you constantly rushing and not entirely sure where you are going?

Do you want to change direction but you don’t know how?

Are you harshly blaming yourself for all of the above?


I can help you make the next step or leap.

I’ll help you get there, using proven evidenced-based tools and techniques. Working together, I will get you where it is you want to go next – even if you’re currently unsure of that destination. It may be in your personal life or within your chosen career.

Hi I am Dr Rachel, the Evidence-Based Coaching – I use proven approaches to help mid career professionals get unstuck and go where they want to go.

Image of Dr Rachel sitting on the stairs

What on earth is evidence-based coaching

I’ll start with what I am mean by ‘evidenced-based coaching’? Forbes defines the concept as:

An evidence-based coaching approach is grounded in proven science, much like clinical psychology or counselling, and draws from empirical research, theoretical knowledge and coaching standards and best practices

Forbes 2021

To explain it in my own way, I have a sciency toolbox full of practical sessions to motivate you to change your life, plus oodles of coaching, consulting – as well as life – experience, so I know what I’m talking about. I have helped others improve confidence, get clarity on their future, improve their habits, raise the bar on the leadership, make major life changes and more.

There’s no need to beat yourself up over failures that were out of your control. All you need to do is sign up to one of my programmes to get yourself back on track to a more successful future you. There will be some hard work, but with that comes huge rewards.

You won’t be sorry – I promise.


Dr Rachel is a professional, with empathy and kindness in bucket loads, but will also tell it like it is. She is one of the most well-educated people I know, and well-travelled too, and has lived a life worth listening to! Her values-based coaching is spot-on and hugely worthwhile; I highly recommend you work with Dr Rachel if you can. You won’t regret it!

Sarah White


This is how we will do it

Kick Ass Now with The KAN Plan!

Whatever your story, you will gain the clarity and confidence to navigate changes and transitions with a fresh perspective.

Choose from self-paced, live and interactive or one-one-one.

Get support with your career by choosing a coaching plan that works for you:


If you’re unsure which path will best suit you, get in touch with me here or book a time to chat right in my diary …


The tools that will get you there – values and coaching

I take a values-grounded approach to help my clients get more out of both their professional and personal lives. Values can be described as ‘the things that sustain you, when all else falls away’. Pretty powerful, don’t you think? The moment you define exactly what your values are, you start a powerful shift in the trajectory of your life.

I use this approach for most of my programmes: on the KAN Plan and when working with leaders in organisations.

I strive to support you to live a values-based life, filled with meaning and purpose, which will enable you to be your very best at home and at work.

Coaching is itself an unregulated industry – each coach must ensure they use quality tools. Having done an interdisciplinary PhD for fun, I take this responsibility very seriously. I look to the world’s top research and utilise tools that I have seen work.

You and I will work together to create a solution for your needs. We will try again and again until we find one that works.

I am all about the science – but I know that science doesn’t know everything. My philosophy means I stay away from tools that have been shown to not work or, even worse, be dangerous.

So, take a look at these options: KAN Plan, or Leadership coaching for more information.

“Rachel has provided high-level mentoring and coaching for myself in my management role for many years. I have always found her knowledgeable, trustworthy and very focused on results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel in all forms of coaching or mentoring for personal, leadership or organisational development.”

Martin Adams, GM, Geocivil



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