Are you feeling overwhelmed at work and in life? 

Struggling to be the leader you wanted to be?

Sick of making and breaking promises to yourself?

Maybe you are bored AF?

Working with an evidence-based coach might be worth considering.

Kia ora, I am Dr Rachel, the Evidence-Based Coach. I use proven approaches to help mid-career professionals get unstuck and get where they want to be in leadership and life.

I do this with coaching, small group programs and online courses and tools.


Dr Rachel is a professional, with empathy and kindness in bucket loads, but will also tell it like it is. She is one of the most well-educated people I know, and well-travelled too, and has lived a life worth listening to! Her values-based coaching is spot-on and hugely worthwhile; I highly recommend you work with Dr Rachel if you can. You won’t regret it!

Sarah White

What On Earth Is Evidence-based Coaching?

A common question I get is – what do you mean by evidence-based? My flippant response is ‘well I don’t use crystals and moon beams’. However this response from Forbes is probably more useful:

An evidence-based coaching approach is grounded in proven science, much like clinical psychology or counselling, and draws from empirical research, theoretical knowledge and coaching standards and best practices.

A great coach won’t solve your problems, but they will help you identify and understand them. A coach with an evidence-based coaching style will give you the tools you need for significant and sustainable change

Dr Ivan Young, Forbes (2021)

Basically, I bring bucket loads of tools, knowledge, models, exercises, and real world experiences to whatever it is you want to work on. Together we use a science-y approach. By this I mean we try things that have worked for others, collect feedback on how they work for you. Then we tweak and repeat. Using these tools I have helped coachees:

  • raise the bar on leadership,
  • deal with the the huge work/life juggle
  • improve confidence,
  • get clarity on their future,
  • improve their habits,
  • befriend their inner critic,
  • make major life changes
  • and more, lot’s more (heck its been 25 years I don’t remember it all)

Leadership Coaching, Small Group Courses or DIY?

If evidence-based tools sound right for you, you still have choices, leadership coaching, The Leading Edge (evidence based leadership development small group course), or you can DIY with my self paced online course (for a crazy $199 start now).

If you’re unsure which path will best suit you, get in touch with me here or book a time to chat right in my diary …


The ‘Power Tools’ of Evidence-based Coaching

I take a values-grounded approach to help my clients get more out of both their professional and personal lives. Values can be described as ‘the things that sustain you, when all else falls away’. The moment you define exactly what your values are, you start a powerful shift in the trajectory of your life. To this core base of values I add the science of habits and useable resources from psychology to help my clients fly. I strive to support you to live a values-based life, filled with meaning and purpose, which will enable you to be your very best at home and at work.

Coaching is an unregulated industry – each coach must ensure they use quality tools. Having done an interdisciplinary PhD for fun, I take this responsibility very seriously. I look to the world’s top research and utilise tools that I have seen work.

You and I will work together to create a solution for your needs. We will try again and again until we find one that works. I am all about the science – but I know that science doesn’t know everything.

I also love tools, especially power ones hence the heading here. As a bit of a demonstration (and any chance to show it off); here is the latest thing I built single handedly with my power tools and windows from the dump.

Aside from just sharing my pride, I share my hobbies as reminder that just because I did a PhD for fun, it doesn’t mean I am all head-up-in-the-clouds academic (well mostly). You can learn about me on the My Story page.

“Rachel has provided high-level mentoring and coaching for myself in my management role for many years. I have always found her knowledgeable, trustworthy and very focused on results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel in all forms of coaching or mentoring for personal, leadership or organisational development.”

Martin Adams, GM, Geocivil

Q n A With Dr Rachel

Where are you based?

I am based in the stunning Dunedin in the South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. I moved here in 2022 after using the tools I teach to create my own ‘sea change. However 99% of my coaching is delivered online now, most of my current clients are still Auckland based.

Do you do face-to-face coaching?

I do, do face-to-face coaching sometimes e.g. if a corporate client has a number of people being coached at the same time or if someone wishes to come to my work space (yes that’s in Dunedin and its an awesome historic building house Petri Dish).

What are your qualifications to be an Evidence-Based Coach?

I have a PhD in organisational behaviour, a Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy and a collection of other letters after my name. Also I have 25 years experience as a coach and consultant in a crazy range of things. I reckon I have more training and experience than hot dinners. Well certainly that hot dinners I have cooked, I am not a great lover of cooking.

What is different or special about you compared to the millions of others out there?

Recently I re-read all the lovely testimonials from clients over the years and had a look what they had to say (you can see many of them on this site), to see what they thought was good about working with me. Here are the three themes that reoccurred:

  • My extensive knowledge and lived experience
  • I’m a straight talker, no beating around the bush from me
  • I create a safe place for clients to work and explore on account of my empathetic ways
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